The Green Party of Delaware County, PA Announces Endorsements for the PA Municipal Election on November 7, 2017

Swarthmore, PA - Today, The Green Party of Delaware County, PA, announces the endorsements of Jules Mermelstein, of the Green Party, for Judge of the PA Superior Court, and Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden, both of the Democratic Party, for Delaware County’s County Council, for the Pennsylvania General election on November 7, 2017.

Jules Mermelstein for PA Superior Court Judge

Jules Mermelstein (Green Party) has been a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania since 1980 and was a volunteer attorney for the ACLU. He was elected and re-elected to five terms as an Upper Dublin Township Commissioner, serving from January, 1992, through January, 2011.  Mr. Mermelstein also earned a Master’s Degree in education with which he taught for several years at both a poor public school in Philadelphia and a wealthy public school in Montgomery County the subjects of U.S. history, government, and economics. He was also awarded the Upper Dublin Medal for Outstanding Citizen in 2011.

Mr. Mermelstein says that his priority is to, “Make sure our system is a system of law and justice, not law and order.” Throughout his campaign, he has focused on his stellar track record of integrity, while pointing out that elected justices in PA, of the Democratic and Republican parties, have a history of being plagued with scandal. As the only candidate running outside of the two major parties, he will resist any unconstitutional acts by government.

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden for Delaware County’s County Council

Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden (Democratic Party) are willing to fight to prevent or modify the installation of Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline project in order to protect Delaware County residents’ health and safety, property rights, and access to beautiful green open spaces. They both recognize that the route the ME2 pipelines take as they extend through 11.4 miles of Delaware County endanger too many people and the many spills that have happened while it is being built justify the legal challenges to its continued construction. Additionally, both are running campaigns targeted at breaking the Republican stronghold of Delaware County’s County Council, which has led to higher taxes compared to neighboring counties, while offering fewer services. They are focused on creating transparency, accountability and ethical reforms in County Council so Delco taxpayers will know everything about the budgets, how and why decisions are made and corrupt pay to play activities are being eliminated.

About the Green Party of Delaware County, PA

The Green Party of Delaware County, PA is the political party that best represents the progressive voice of Delaware County, PA through its unwavering commitment to advancing its 4 Pillars of grassroots democracy, social justice, peace, and ecological wisdom. For more information on the Delco Greens of PA, please visit, , or